Using the IAB module

This page will help you get started using the IAB module.

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Adnuntius privacy has a built in CMP module that handles consent for programmatic ads. It does this by both setting a 1:st party cookie for your own domain and a 3:rd party cookie for the IAB approved domain. In order to use this you will have to create a couple of things:


These are the values that an end user will accept or reject on the domain that shows the privacy tool. It's important that you reflect what information you gather behind these values and what they mean to the end user. You do this in the language section.


This will define and present the purposes in a users native language depending on what browser language they use. If you have not setup a language for that specific users browser, you can always select a fallback language when you publish your settings.


In this section you will learn how to do customization to your privacy box and also how to make the product go live on your web-page.