FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Can ads be loaded synchronously or asynchronously?

Either is possible. Nevertheless, you should always try to load your ads asynchronously, which is the default method for loading ads and has many advantages.

If, however, you have ads that must be loaded synchronously, you can do so with specific requests to the ad server that enable synchronous ad loading.

What is the difference between a standard and basic ad tag?

The standard ad tag uses some advanced JavaScript to load and distribute ads throughout the page, but which can have mixed results on versions of Internet Explorer older than version 9.

The basic ad tag loads an ad directly into an IFrame, is simpler all round and is supported by even the versions of Internet Explorer older than version 9.

Can ads be loaded within an IFrame and directly into the publisher's page?

Yes, we support both options. By default, ads are loaded inside an IFrame. If you would prefer to load an ad directly into the page, we can also do that by ad unit, ad or layout.

How many sizes can we run on an ad unit?

Our ad unit sizes are based on minimum and maximum dimensions. This means any size between the minimum and maximum dimensions are supported. So if you set up an ad unit as 100x100 to 300x300, any ad size between those dimensions can be shown, e.g. 123x291, 300x100, 123x234. Once the ad is displayed in your page, by default we resize the ad slot to fit whatever ad size is served.

Can reports be sent automatically to customers?

We support system-generated reports being sent out to any email recipients.