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Structure of This Guide

This user guide is structured in the same way as what you see in the user interface's top categories:

  • Dashboards: Your personalized overview that allows you to work faster and smarter.

  • Advertising: Manage advertisers, orders, line items, creatives and forecasts. Learn all about advertising in this video:

  • Inventory: Manage sites, site groups, earnings accounts and ad units. Learn all about inventory in this video:

  • Reports: Manage reports and report templates.

  • Admin: Manage users, roles, teams, notification preferences, custom events, layouts, tiers, integrations and more. Learn all about the admin section in this video:

Other videos

Developer's session: This class is intended for developers, and is about understanding our APIs (for the ad platform and DMP), and the capabilities of the advertising and insight javascripts. We will also introduce you to layouts, a great way of introducing new ad formats and add various features to creatives.

Cxense DMP and workspaces: This session teaches you how to create segments using the Cxense DMP, and how to set up workspaces. We will also introduce you to a set of use cases and examples. The session is intended for anyone using the Cxense user interface.