The admin section is where you manage users, roles, teams, notification preferences, custom events, layouts, tiers, integrations and more.

Concept Summary

Persons who have rights to perform certain actions (as defined by Roles) to certain parts of content (as defined by Teams).
Allow you to subscribe to various changes, meaning that you can choose to receive emails and/or UI notifications when something happens.
API keys
Used to provide specific and limited access by external software to various parts of the application.
Allows you to create advertising products defined by any look and feel to your creative, and any event to be tracked.
Lets you define any event that you want to track for a creative, line item and order.
Allows you to create libraries of categories and key values so that category targeting and key value targeting on line items and creatives can be made from lists rather than by typing them.
Allow you to connect Adnuntius Advertising to external systems such as DMPs, SSPs and DSPs in order to unlock a range of benefits.
Enable you to prioritize delivery of some line items above others.
Lets you make certain changes to the network as a whole.
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