For Media Buyers

This page provides an onboarding guide for advertisers and agencies intending to use the Adnuntius Marketplace in the role as a media buyer (i.e. using Adnuntius as a DSP).

This documentation is intended to educate you as an ad buyer on how to use the Adnuntius Marketplace. In other words, this page explains the demand side platform (DSP) side of Adnuntius Marketplace. If you are a publisher who is looking to set up your inventory for sale, please go here.

Note that this guide assumes that you are a customer and have received access. If this is not the case, just email us at, and we will help you get started.

What and WhyChoices

1 Create your first advertiser. If you are an agency then this is a handy way to ensure that your campaigns are neatly sorted into different advertisers.

2 Create your first order. An order is a folder for line items, and helps you keep your inventory neatly sorted.

3 Create your first line item. A line item determines start and end dates, delivery objectives (impressions, clicks or conversions), pricing, targeting, creative delivery and prioritization.

4 Run a reach analysis. A reach analysis creates a forecast of what traffic is available across publishers, based on your targeting criteria, bid and creative sizes.

5 Run a report. Reports let you see the performance of your advertisers, orders, line items and creatives. You can also run site and ad unit reports to see what traffic is available with different publishers. This helps you research the inventory available for buying.

6 Create a user. If you need to get additional users into your account, you can invite more. Once users are created they will have the same permissions as you have.

7 Set notifications. If you want to be notified about changes in the system or warnings produced by the system, you can quickly set this up to receive emails or notifications in the user interface.

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