User Interface Guide

This guide explains to self-service advertisers how to book campaigns, and how to manage reporting. Publishers using Adnuntius Self-Service can refer to this page or copy text to its own user guide.

Registering and logging in

Registering has an advertiser is easy and free. Go to the self-service portal and click to register as a new user. Fill in the information required, then click to register. You will now get a confirmation email (make sure that you check your spam folder if you don't receive one). Click the link in the email to verify your email address, apply a password and you are registered.

When you later need to log in, just enter your email address and password. If you forget your password you can at any time reset your password.

Creating a Campaign

Once you are logged in you will see the campaigns overview page, where you will later see all live, pending and finished campaigns. Skip to learn more about the campaign overview. Here is how you create a campaign. First, click "Create New Campaign".

Select an Advertising Option. Advertising options can vary depending on who you buy campaigns from. An advertising option can as such be considered as a "product" where your provider makes available certain sizes, formats and targeting criteria available for buying. An advertising option will in all cases include the following:

  • A name and optional description, to explain the options you can choose.

  • Available sizes (width x height) for each option, so that you can see how big the ads will be.

  • Available ad designs (see below).

  • Any preset targeting (optional) to ensure that you reach the right users in the right context.

Below is an example where two advertising options are made available.

Select an ad design. This choice will only appear if the publisher has made multiple choices available. Above are two alternative ad designs made available by an advertising option. Once you have chosen an advertising option, you next choose the ad design that you want to buy.

Design your ad. Once you have chosen an ad design you can upload material and add details. Depending on the design you have chosen you will be asked to provide things such as images, click URLs (where the user should land if he/she clicks on the ad), and other information such as text fields if you are buying formats like for instance native ads.

Specify campaign details. Apply the following:

  • A name of your choice so that you easily find your campaign after you've saved it.

  • A start and end date.

  • A total budget for the campaign.

  • Ad delivery style; deliver the purchased traffic ASAP, or evenly over the life of your campaign.

Pay for your campaign. If you are asked to pay by credit card you will be charged immediately when completing your campaign booking. Once your campaign has ended a performance report and receipt will be generated. You will be able to stop the delivery of your campaign at any time.

If your campaign does not complete its delivery then your card will receive a refund equal to the traffic that was not delivered. Refunds will only be issued if the remaining amount to be refunded is equal to or greater than 1 USD, or the equivalent sum in another currency. If the remaining is less than 1 USD then no refund will be made.

Get your campaign approved. Once you have paid for the campaign, it will be reviewed by support personnel to ensure that everything looks ok. If something is missing or doesn't look right you will receive an email telling you to correct your campaign.

Campaign Overview

The campaign overview is divided into three parts; Running Campaigns, Drafted and In-Review Campaigns, and Ended Campaigns.

  • Running campaigns are campaigns that are currently active and delivering impressions.

  • Drafted campaigns are campaigns you've started creating, but not finished yet so that they can be reviewed and set live.

  • In-review campaigns are campaigns that you have completed, and that are currently being reviewed to ensure that everything looks ok.

  • Ended campaigns are campaigns that have delivered on their budget, and/or passed their end dates.

Campaign Details

In the campaign overview you can click on any of the campaigns to view its details. The details will give you a range of information.

  • Running dates to tell you how long your campaign has been running, and how much is left.

  • Budget position telling you how much is spent so far and how much is left.

  • Ad delivery style telling you if the ad is being delivered evenly across the campaign period, or delivered as fast as possible.

  • Delivery statistics telling you how the campaign delivers on impressions, clicks, unique users, visibles and viewables.

Please also note that you can choose the campaign period you're looking at, how you want statistics to be shown, and also choose to download the campaign statistics to an Excel file.

You can also choose to stop the campaign, in which case we will charge you for what you have spent so far, or a minimum fee of USD 5 (whatever is highest) so that we can cover payment fees.

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