Marketplace Inventory

The Inventory section is where you manage sites, site groups, earnings accounts and ad units.

Concept Summary


A site or domain with a given name, containing one or more ad units.

A placement that goes onto your site, so that you can later fill it with ads. It is as such an empty container that sets aside a space on your site so that you can fill it with content.

Lets publishers group sites together to make targeting line items and/or creatives to multiple sites easier.

Rulesets (work in progress)

Set different rules that should apply to your site or ad unit, i.e. floor price.

Set rules for what you will allow on your site or ad unit, and what should be prohibited.

When you have created your ad units, you can use the ad tag generator to get the codes ready for deployment.

Proposals (work in progress)

A line item that has been submitted by a marketplace advertiser for review.

Here is how the various objects hang together: an earnings account and site group can both contain multiple sites; a site can contain multiple ad units, and ad units can connect to creatives (for direct advertising) or to external ad units (for programmatic ads).

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