Getting Started

Adnuntius Advertising makes it easy to insert ads into emails/newsletters. Here is how you can set up your emails with ads quickly and easily.

This guide assumes that you already have access an Adnuntius Advertising account (or network). If you don't, but would like one, please reach out to us at and we will help you get started.

What and WhyChoices

1 Create an earnings account. Earnings accounts let you aggregate earnings that one or more sites or newsletters have made. Here is how you create an earnings account.

2 Create your first site. A site can be the name of your newsletter, or any other grouping of your individual newsletter placements. Start by creating one site so that you learn the process, and then you can create more later.

3 Create an ad unit. Ad units are placement that can be inserted into your newsletter. Start by creating one ad unit so that you learn the process, and then you can create more later.

4 Create an advertiser. An advertiser is a client that wants to advertise on your sites. If you have no advertisers yet, try creating your own company as an advertiser (which may be useful for house ads anyway).

5 Create an order. An advertiser can contain one or more orders. An order is also a folder for line items, and also determines which team that the campaign should belong to.

6 Create a line item (with targeting and creatives). A line item determines start and end dates, delivery objectives and more. Try targeting the creative to the ad unit you created in step 5, and remember to use a size that is supported by that ad unit.

7 Try to generate an ad impression the Ad Tag Generator. Just choose your ad unit, copy its properties, and then click the tab "Request Ads". Do you see your ad?

Please note that you can only use simple image ads in email newsletters.

When you create an ad unit and want to implement the tag into the newsletter, please remember to choose the "Email" tag alternative on the ad unit page (see image below).

Please note that in some countries, authorities require you to get the consent from email receivers before you can start sending emails containing products or services delivered by other companies. You may therefore want to ensure that the right to show advertising from other companies is covered by your terms and conditions when users sign up.

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