External Demand Sources

External demand sources is the first step towards connecting your ad platform to programmatic supply-side platforms in order to earn money from programmatic sources.

External demand sources enables you to connect to a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) in order to fetch programmatic ads client-side or server-side. If you are a publisher with programmatic revenue, this may be a feature that enables you to increase revenue by auctioning your direct inventory against programmatic inventory, and earn the highest revenue cross-channel for every ad impression.

This is the first step to set up programmatic ads. After you have completed these first steps, move to External ad units to set up connections between each Adnuntius ad unit and your SSP ad units.

Name and description: Give the connection a name and description (optional) of your choice.

External demand source: Choose your demand source. Please note that if you choose prebid, then this is all you have to do - you do not have to complete the step below.

Publisher ID: Type in the publisher ID that you receive from your SSP account. Once this is done, Adnuntius connects to your SSP server-side.

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