Notification Preferences

Notification preferences allow you to subscribe to various changes, meaning that you can choose to receive emails and/or UI notifications when something happens.

You can choose to subscribe to a broad set of line item or report preferences (top), or to specific notifications. To manage your notification preferences, go to

Severity level allows you to choose the types of notifications Adnuntius should send you. For instance, if you choose Information you will receive notifications about line items ready to deliver or starting to run. If you choose Warning you will receive notifications about for instance line items that are not starting to deliver even though it is past the start date. Error will give you notifications about for instance reports that fail to execute.

Notification method lets you determine if Adnuntius should notify you per email or user interface. If you choose UI then you will find notifications in the right-most column of the user interface, when clicking the "i" icon.

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