Site Rulesets

Allows publishers to set floor prices for on their inventory.

To create a new ruleset, go to and click "new" in the upper right corner. Give your ruleset a name and optional description of your choice.

The Team determines who will have access to your ruleset.

Choose ruleset Type to determine whether your ruleset should apply to inventory, targeting or creative size:

  • Inventory lets you define a floor price across all advertisers, or a floor price for a specific advertiser.

  • Targeting means that if you apply a floor price to e.g. semantic targeting, this means that whenever a buyer creates a campaign using semantic targeting, then this campaign cannot bid below the floor price you set.

  • Creative size lets you set a floor price for a specific width and height.

Once you have saved your ruleset, then this ruleset can be applied to the Publisher/Earnings Account, any of your Sites, or any of your Ad Units. On each of these you will have the ability to choose rulesets as shown here:

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