Site Rulesets

Set rules for what you will allow on your site, and what should be prohibited.
To create a new ruleset, go to and click "new" in the upper right corner. Give your ruleset a name and optional description of your choice.
Example ruleset
The Team determines who will have access to your ruleset.
The floor price lets you set a minimum price for all your ad units in one place. If you for example set a floor of 3 EUR on your site ruleset, and then a floor of 5 EUR on a specific ad unit, then that ad unit's floor will be 5 EUR.
Restrictions lets you block or allow certain advertisers and campaigns.
  • If you set your restrictions to "block" then you will block all your entries but allow anything else.
  • If you set your restrictions to "allow" then you will allow only the entries you have entered.
  • If you use the Blocked Advertiser Domains and enter e.g. "", then creatives that on click lead to that domain will be blocked from serving.