Segment Sharing

Describes how to share segments between folders

Adnuntius user segments can be shared between different sites. This means, for example, that an advertiser may build a segment based upon their own third-party data and use that segment to target a user on a publisher's site. Segment sharing is designed to work without third-party cookies, and is only allowed when a user has explicitly consented to share their data.


The following two requirements must be met before a segment can be shared:

User consent to shared data is recorded in a consent string. This consent string may be stored in a cookie and automatically sent with each request, or it may be provided as a parameter in the Adnuntius tag.

Matched User Identifier

Segments are shared when user records in Adnuntius can be matched to the same person. This matching requires a shared user identifier, such as an email address or phone number, is added to both of the user profiles. A common scenario would be when a user has created an account on two different sites.

The consent string has a very simple format: it is the folder tags appended together with a g character delimiting each folder.

An example string, recording that a user consents to share data with folder 2fe5a and ee765 would be:


Any leading 0s can be ignored, so a consent string for folder 00000000000023fd4 and 000000000000ab3c7 could be written as either:




The consent string can be stored in a cookie named adnconsent and this will automatically be used in all requests via the Adnuntius tag. Otherwise, the consent string can be provided in the Adnuntius tag using the adnConsent parameter.

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