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User Synchronisation

Adnuntius Data allows you to merge user profiles from different systems and devices to provide a single unified view of your users. Data that is sent from your CRM, and from mobile and desktop browser sessions, can all be combined into a single record and used to drive user classification and segmentation.


The example below shows a javascript code snippet that can be used to match a user browsing your website with data uploaded to Adnuntius from an external system, such as a CRM. Descriptions of the parameters used in the code example are provided in the following table.
<script src="" async></script>
window.adn = window.adn || {};
adn.calls = adn.calls || [];
adn.calls.push(function() {
adn.sync('folderId', {
externalSystemType: 'systemId',
externalSystemUserId: 'systemUserId'
Value in the above example
Folder Id
The folder identifier from Adnuntius Data
External System Type
A unique identifier, e.g. CRM name, for the external system you are synchronising with
External System User Id
The unique user identifier for the current user in the external system
After running the above code, profile updates from the user's browser and from the CRM will both be written to the same shared record.