Logging Options

There are two ways to enable logging from adn.js: in your browser's development console and inside your ad unit on screen.

Here are the available options:

Console Logging

  • all: show all possible messages, including debugging information

  • warnings: show all errors and warnings (the default option)

  • error: show all errors

  • silent: show nothing in the console from adn.js

In Screen Logging

  • inAdUnit: show debug information inside your ad units

  • silent: show no messages inside your ad units (the default option)

These logging modes can be triggered two ways: via the URL and via code.

Just add the following to the end of the URL to trigger specific logging methods in the page: ?console=all&inScreen=inAdUnit

Alternatively, place this code just under your body tag or anywhere preceding your ad requests to ensure the settings are set before any important stuff happens:

window.adn = window.adn || {};
adn.calls = adn.calls || [];
adn.calls.push(function() {
    adn.setFeedbackOptions({console: 'silent', inScreen: 'inAdUnit'})

Added extra: you can also trigger showing debug information inside your ad units by adding ?adnDebug123 to the page's URL.

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