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Segments are defined by a group of users, grouped together based on common actions (triggers). Here is how you create segments.
How to create a segment.
To create a segment, go to and click "new" in the upper right corner.
Name and description. Give the trigger a name and description (optional) of your choice. Please note that names and descriptions become available to anyone who are allowed to choose these segments in segment targeting in Adnuntius Advertising.
Members shows you how many users are currently part of this segment.
Segment expiry allows you to specify for how long the segment should remain associated to a user profile. You can set the period in multiple ways:
  • You can set a fixed duration where you set a number of days, for instance 90 days.
  • You can let the segment expire after today, after this week or after this month.
  • You can let the segment expire after a given weekday. For instance, a segment can last until Monday, which means that a user will no longer belong to a segment after Sunday, regardless of when that user was added.
Segment sharing allows you to determine whether a segment should be visible to anyone accessing Adnuntius, or to a specific folder. This is useful for a number of scenarios, but let’s do an example: if you run a network gathering multiple advertisers and publishers into one network, then you can allow user 1 access a folder containing segments derived from data collected from property 1, while user 2 can access a folder containing segments derived from data collected from property 2. Then as a super admin, you can access all segments across the entire network.
Quick overview of a segment.
Once a segment is created you be able to access graphs showing you, over any defined time period, how many users are added and how many are removed.
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