Users, Teams and Roles

You can create users, and control their access to content (teams) and their rights to make changes to that content (roles).

For more information on how to create users, teams and roles, please see the Adnuntius Advertiser users, teams and roles page, as the method is the same for Adnuntius Advertising as it is for Adnuntius Data.

However, the roles you can choose between for Adnuntius Data are the following:

  • Network: Adnuntius Data Admin gives a user access to manages the main account in Adnuntius Data.

  • Team: Manage Adnuntius Data gives a user permission to create segments and folders in Adnuntius Data.

Connecting teams to folders. Once you have created a folder, you can connect that folder to a team to determine which segments and triggers those users have access to.

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