Dashboards is a set of drag-and-drop widgets that you can add in order to keep control of what is going on. You can create any number of dashboards and change between them in the left-most column as soon as they are created. Here are an explanation of the widgets you can add to your dashboard.

  • Running line items: Keep an eye on running line items, and easily see which line items are overdelivering or underdelivering.

  • Undeliverable line items: Quickly identify the campaigns that you need to make changes to in order for them to start running.

  • Ended line items: If you haven't set up automated reporting, an overview of ended line items can help you keep overview of the reports you should be sending out.

  • Paused line items: See which line items are paused.

  • Starred line items: Keep an extra eye on your favorites.

  • Orders: Overview of active orders.

Dashboard: choosing widgets for your dashboard
Dashboard: configuring the numbers you want to see, the size of each widget, and the order
Example dashboard