Explains how to create dashboards in Adnuntius Advertising.

Dashboards are pages consisting of widgets in which you can define the content, so that you can keep control of what is going on in Adnuntius Advertising. You can create any number of dashboards and change between them in the left-most column as soon as they are created.

To create a new dashboard, go to Dashboards and click "new" in the upper right corner. Give your dashboard a name and description of your choice and then start adding widgets.

The type lets you choose whether your dashboard should be personal to you, or shared with the entire network (all users).

Bar charts, line charts and tree maps allow you to design graphs based on date range, object type (orders, line items, creatives, sites or ad units), objects and metrics (impressions, viewables, clicks and much more).

Tables provide overview of orders and line items for different purposes. Examples include:

  • Running line items: Keep an eye on running line items, and easily see which line items are overdelivering or underdelivering.

  • Undeliverable line items: Quickly identify the campaigns that you need to make changes to in order for them to start running.

  • Ended line items: If you haven't set up automated reporting, an overview of ended line items can help you keep overview of the reports you should be sending out.

  • Paused line items: See which line items are paused.

  • Starred line items: Keep an extra eye on your favorites.

  • Orders: Overview of active orders.

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