Publishing Queries
Publishing queries are reports you can run to get an overview of all earnings accounts, sites or ad units that have been running in your chosen time period.
How to run a site query.
You can apply multiple filters to get the data you want. For example: if you have added labels to earnings accounts, sites or ad units, then you can filter by these labels to single out certain items in your reports.
Publishing query example - in this case an ad unit query.
Metrics: Here are the metrics returned by a query, and what they mean.
  • Request: An ad tag has sent a request to the Adnuntius adserver for an ad.
  • Positive request: The Adnuntius adserver has responded to the request with one or more ads.
  • Match rate: The share of requests that return one or more ads.
  • Impression: An ad has been delivered by the Adnuntius adserver. Please note that the number of ad impressions may be higher than positive requests; this is because an ad unit can show more than one ad.
  • Rendered Impression: An ad has been rendered onto a page.
  • Visibles: An ad has shown one or more pixels in the viewport.
  • Visibility: The share of impressions that were visible.
  • Viewables: Ad ad has 50% or more of its pixels shown in the viewport for 1 second or longer.
  • Viewability: The share of impressions that were viewable.
  • Uniques: Unique users (browsers).
  • Clicks: Clicks on an ad.
  • CTR: Clickrate, meaning the share of impressions that produce a click.
  • eCPM: (effective) cost per thousand ad impressions, calculated as [Cost] / [Impressions] x 1000.
  • Cost: The revenue generated over the period.
  • Revenue share: Revenue share to partners as specified in earnings accounts.
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